Always the wallflower, Emma sits by and watches as the others gyrate to the music.   I wish I was brave enough to join in, she muses.   Then the voice of her grandmother fills her head.  Don't sit on the sidelines of life she used to say.  Emma wills herself up off her seat.  No, I can’t, she thinks.  I will make a fool of myself.  Just then, her hand is grabbed and she is pulled into the mix.  The biggest smile emanates from her face as she twirls and the colors blur around her. 

Get Up and Dance

  • Acrylic paints on stretched canvas.  Fully finished with high gloss varnish to protect the painting.   The painting is 24 inches tall by 36 inches wide and 1 inch deep.


    Plaster is used under the paint to create an interesting texture on the canvas.  


    I love the movement this piece invokes.  The bright colors and swirling of the colors reminds me of dancing.  

  • If you are not completely satisfied, refunds will be made within 30 days of purchase minus shipping costs.