She turns onto the street where she grew up.  On the left is where we always played hopscotch, and over there is where I learned how to ride a bike, she remembers.  Going past the Smith’s house she thinks, how did we ever think that place was haunted?  Doesn’t look so sinister now.  Further up, so many kickball games.  Further still, that’s where I fell off my skateboard and got my scar.  There’s David’s house, the creepy kid who had a crush on me.  Oh how I tried to avoid him.  Past the mean girl’s house, I wonder how she turned out?  Further still past her best friend’s house, then up to the corner where she had her first kiss.  She turns the corner and is grateful for her little trip down memory lane.

Memory Lane

  • Acrylic paints on stretched canvas.  Fully finished with high gloss varnish to protect the painting.   The painting is 24 inches tall by 36 inches wide and 1 inch deep.  Plaster is used under the paint to create an interesting texture on the canvas.  

  • If you are not completely satisfied, refunds will be made within 30 days of purchase minus shipping costs.