The winds picked up as the waves began to quake.  The captain shrugged off the crew's pleas to make an offering before setting sail.  God of the sea, shaker of the earth was making his presence known.  Before you venture out in open waters, be sure to pray to Poseidon or feel his wrath.  

Poseidon's Wrath

  • Acrylic paints on stretched canvas.  Fully finished with high gloss varnish to protect the painting.   The painting is 24 inches tall by 36 inches wide and 1 inch deep.  Plaster is used under the paint to create an interesting texture on the canvas.  


    When the green hit the canvas and mixed with the blues, I immediately knew this would become a painting of the sea.  The power of the ocean fascinates and scares me.  The texture formed waves that look like they are moving and growing in strength.  That is when the name came to me.  

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