The storm had finally let up. The crew, exhausted after hours of battle.  Some chose to rest, while others broke open a cask of whiskey to settle their nerves.  


When darkness fell, and the captain was deep in his cups, no one noticed how close they were to the shoals. 


All that remains?  The broken spine of the ship and the treasure that rained down on the ocean floor.


  • Acrylic paint on stretched canvas.  The painting is 30 inches tall by 40 inches wide by 2 inches deep.  Plaster is used under the paint to create an interesting texture on the canvas.  


    The colors in this work look like a top down view of the ocean with white caps caused by the shoals.  The texture underneath the paint resembles broken pieces of a ship.  I worked and re-worked this piece because the story was not coming to me.  In the end, I loved what I produced.  The darkness in the piece exudes the sadness for the souls lost that fateful night.  

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