Linda Warner (Warlin)

I have always been in awe of great artists throughout history.  Looking at art is truly magical.  It can transport you to another time, another place, and conjure feelings from nothing.  

I began my painting journey with watercolor classes and created still-life and landscape paintings. Life eventually got in the way, and my paints and brushes collected dust for some time. Then, I took a trip to Asheville, North Carolina and was greatly inspired by many of the artists' work I saw there.  I decided to start again, but this time I wanted to work bigger and bolder.  I also wanted to get away from re-creating places and venture into abstract work.  I traded my watercolors for acrylics and now experiment with different textures and techniques.  I feel like I am on the right path and am excited to see where my journey leads me.  

A little about myself:  I manage life with two chronic illnesses that can debilitate me at times.  I choose to live my life through kindness and gratitude that helps me cope with my challenges.  Creating gives me a sense of purpose and calm outside of my chaotic brain.  I consider myself a warrior, albeit one that needs to lie down every now and then.  

I feel incredibly honored when I know someone has hung one of my creations in their space.  It's like I am leaving my mark in the world and sharing a bit of my magic.  

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